Ser frem til godt samarbeid med ny helseminister

The Bladder Cancer Association congratulates Jan Christian Vestre as the new Minister of Health. In the battle for resources and prioritization of political issues, we hope the Minister of Health will see the need for more research into the early diagnosis of bladder cancer.

–   Earlier diagnosis of bladder cancer saves patients from extensive treatments, saves lives, relieves health personnel and will save society from resource-intensive and expensive treatment courses, says Anita Eik Roald, general manager of the Bladder Cancer Association. 

Exciting research projects on the early detection of bladder cancer, such as by testing for cancer markers in urine, are underway all over the world, including in Norway. We at the Bladder Cancer Association have participated as user contributors in a study (bladmetrix) led by Prof. Guro Lind at OUS. Such important studies must be prioritized now that the health sector is experiencing a shortage of professionals, and more and more people are getting bladder cancer.

Jan Christian Vestre.

Photo: David Berg Tvetene

Anita Eik Roald.